AfriBlocks, Africa’s Freelance Work Solution

AfriBlocks, Africa’s Freelance Work Solution


 Many youths today find themselves struggling to find employment. In the context of Africa, research has determined that 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25, making it “the youngest continent in the world”. The continent will have a vast pool of skilled professionals in the next few years. By 2040, indications show Africa will have the largest workforce in the world.

Freelance work has become a viable source of employment for many people across the world. It has shifted from being a vocation people engage in to supplement their income to being a full-time source of jobs. The unfortunate Covid 19 virus has seen us all adjusting to getting work done from home. Many industries such as IT, journalism, design and programming are making use of freelance workers to get their work done. The growth of freelance work is taking place across the world and in America; for example, it shows that by 2020, 50% of the workforce will be freelancers.

In a world that has become interconnected, African professionals provide highly valuable skill sets across a variety of industries. There is a growing demand for the services of African talent, and more people are taking up freelancing to export their professional skills, which is vital for the individuals themselves & Africa as a whole.

“I am now learning to code because I have seen that it is a highly sought after service by AfriBlocks’ clients”, added Muchabaiwa.

The world, as we know it today, has experienced various changes in terms of the job market, technology, and the areas in which these two intersect. While the potential labour force has grown significantly, the job market has not, and also, the rise of automation has shrunk the job market even further.

It is with this in mind that AfriBlocks came to be. The startup provides skilled African professionals with a platform through which they can secure freelance work in their area of expertise from clients, globally. The platform has come into existence at a time when there is a need to find innovative solutions through which the skills of Africa’s professionals are fully utilised. Through freelance opportunities, AfriBlocks provides a solution for unemployment.

“The world has become connected through the internet, and it is viable for people to work together while they’re in different parts of the world, and currently our most supportive clients are from  USA,” said Tongayi Choto, lead developer & co-founder at AfriBlocks. Based in South Africa & Zimbabwe, the freelance platform already has several freelancers and clients from over seven countries registered.

AfriBlocks’ Minimum Viable Product has given the startup enough momentum to further develop the technology & call for more professionals & clients to join.

Vongai Muchabaiwa, a writer and digital marketer, said that AfriBlocks has helped her navigate through the challenges posed by the high unemployment rate in Zimbabwe. “I am now learning to code because I have seen that it is a highly sought after service by AfriBlocks’ clients”, added Muchabaiwa.

AfriBlocks believes that the future of the continent of Africa lies in its talent making use of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, a path which AfriBlocks plans on taking in the near future.

Platforms such as AfriBlocks will be critical in the future of not only Africa but the world as a whole. The meeting point of the growth of freelance work, Africa’s workforce and technologies such as Blockchain will be a crucial position in the future and AfriBlocks is in a position to fulfil that purpose.

You can visit AfriBlocks website on www.afriblocks.com.

By Joshua Zawe, Freelance writer on AfriBlocks.

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