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Top Tips For Planning For 2022

As we come to the end of the year, it is time to make sure that we have plans for the incoming new year set and ready to execute. Your business has survived another year in a brutal global environment, and that is always the best news. As you conclude your planning for 2...

Exploring Relationships Through Loving Honestly

Love is a concept that is often mentioned in everyday life. It is a word that comes with various definitions and interpretations. For many people, it is a part of nature, and hence it is a part of our existence. Yet, with love being a concept spoken about frequently, there is still a misunderstanding of what it is to love a...

AfriBlocks Selected as Google Black Founders Fund Recipient

Taking a startup from an idea to a thriving business can be a long, lonely journey. Our founders Tongayi Choto and Roger Roman, know this better than anyone. Nevertheless, they persevere and continue to lay a firm foundation for the future of work via a veritable SaaS-enabled freelance marketplace powered by African talent....

AfriBlocks Integrates with Western Union Business Solutions’ payments infrastructure

Today, AfriBlocks, a SaaS-enabled Pan-African freelance marketplace, announced that the company has made it easier for freelancers to get paid via its integration with Western Union’s Business Solutions. With the availability of cash pick-ups at 43,000 locations across Africa, AfriBlocks freelancers have yet another way t...

Africa and The Future Of Work Report 2021

If you ask any founder, one thing that is key to building a startup is data. Besides asking yourself about your numbers, projections or customer acquisition cost (to mention a few metrics), you also need to know how big your market is or at least how big the problem is that you are solving.