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Backend Engineer

I am a Back-End engineer with experience in NodeJS, MongoDB, and express. I love building web apps, and I’m always seeking new opportunities to develop myself. My recent experience was as an intern at Genesys Tech Hub, a tech company that provides Opportunities For Young Nigerian Techies To Grow And Innovate. This helped me get familiar with real world applications of my coding skills and helped me acquire useful skills which are needed in a professional environment. I am motivated to learn, grow and lead a life in which I solve world problems with adequate solutions through software engineering.

Crafted Projects


Backend developer Intern

  •  Genesys Tech Hub
  •  Jul 2021 - Jul 2022

Collaborated with a team of 11 to build a MVP for an insurance company called Cactus using the AGILE methodologies specifically SCRUM in 4 weeks

Team lead for a team of 3 backend developers
I supervised and assigned tasks to each team member while
making sure features are implemented strictly to design
I implemented the forgot password feature
I set up the subscription system which involves making
payment with flutterwave, creation of transactions and
keeping track of each on the backend
I designed a wallet system where claims are paid into and
clients can withdraw at will.
Collaborated with a team of 11 to build an Instagram clone web app using the AGILE software development cycle.
I created the routes for creating, updating, editing and deleting
I built the like and unlike features on the backend
Used JavaScript to work on real life projects.
I built the backend for an ecommerce web application.
I implemented account creation, CRUD on products, cart, and
also the checkout functionality.
I wrote a 4 article series on how I accomplished this and it was published by GeekCulture on medium.

Collaborated with a team of 6 to build a web platform prototype using Design sprint that allows people suffering from mental disorders get help and share their stories.

Participated in the design sprint which is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Used NodeJs, express and mongoDB to build APIs

Tested software using Test Driven development with Jest

Got introduced to design patterns in JavaScript

Competency in git flow practices

Collaborated with teams using Git and Github

Google Africa Developer scholarship

  •  Andela
  •  Sep 2019 - Apr 2020

HTML5, CSS3 AND JAVASCRIPT basics to advanced
Introduction to git and github
NodeJS, Express and software testing with mocha