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A Hybrid Software Architect and Engineer with exceptional Talent!

Hybrid Software Architect and Engineer with over ten years extensive experience building, rolling out and supporting large scale software systems for corporates, government and SMEs.


An active participant in all areas of the SDLC with excellent knowledge. Performed all roles within the SDLC. Expert knowledge and experience working in the Microsoft ecosystem. Adaptable to any project methodology; Proficiency with Azure, SQL Databases, .Net Core, C#, Angular, NoSQL. Highly experienced setting up infrastructure on premises or on the cloud; including platforms; and software and services. Highly experienced with problem diagnostics in any scale of production environment. Well versed with containerization, virtualization, operating systems, application server technology, computing networks, and mobile technology.


An effective communicator with peers, stakeholders and business directors or managers. A hands-on leader with accuracy and detail in work. Has a depth of skills in planning, analysis, design and architecture in addition to crafting fine software systems. Excels at working with large scale data intensive systems.


Partnered with technical specialists and led Standard Bank’s solutions delivery team across South Africa in the implementation and rollout of new ATMs.



  •  Gauteng Shared Service Center
  •  Jan 2004 - Jun 2005

Webmaster for the Gauteng Department of Education, Transport, Sports and Recreation.
SQL and BI Developer for the Gauteng Department of Education, Transport, Sports and Recreation.
Teamed with external contractors on building the Gauteng Provincial Government Web Portal.
Liaised directly with all stakeholders in the capacity of the business analyst.
Responsible for rolling out customer applications, websites and application / data services to production environments.
Admin on hosting infrastructure, application servers, database servers, reporting and web platforms.
Held meetings, reported progress to management and stakeholders, and ensured projects were delivered on time.
Followed the waterfall methodology.


  •  WebZone
  •  Aug 2005 - Jul 2008

Consulted three SME’s in the capacity of an IT consultant.
Performed requirements gathering, requirements analysis, systems analysis and design, development, testing and product rollout.
Followed the waterfall methodology.
Worked with the directors of companies to understand the business problems and plan the duration of work as well as discuss project budgets, billing and invoicing.

Analyst Developer

  •  Mondi Business Paper
  •  Aug 2008 - Sep 2010

Worked in the capacity of an analyst programmer for “Forestry” at Mondi Paper, South Africa.
Responsible for systems analysis and design, and software development.
Implemented a computerized financial model for the executive team of the group.
Worked with real-time SAP data and transactional services to implement a financial calculator and business intelligence capability for the exec team.
Setup development and production hosting infrastructure, application, web service and database servers.
Provided technical leadership on different phases of the project, from pilot and implementation to system rollout and external audit with Deloitte.


  •  None
  •  Oct 2010 - Mar 2015

Coursework and certification.

Software Architect and Engineer

  •  Brent Security Services
  •  Apr 2015 - Oct 2020

Design architectural solutions that meet complex business needs and are aligned to strategy, architectural and product roadmaps.
Design major software components, systems, and features including doing the analysis, research and documenting to fulfil business requirements.
Collaborate with cross-functional product management and engineering teams to plan, communicate and deliver high quality solutions in a dynamic and agile environment.
Ensure technical strategies, policies, standards and practices, and security are applied correctly.
Document software design and other architecture artifacts in sufficient detail to present clearly too stakeholders.
Engineer good quality software by following industry best practices and patterns.
Support code by implementing test scenarios and meet the definition of completeness provided by the business.
Responsible for delivery of project tasks end-to-end with the help of the team.
Participate in Agile ceremonies including standups, retros, sprint planning, and so on.
Collaborate with other team members to achieve defined short and long-term goals defined by the team.
Delivery of the assigned development tasks end to end.

Software Architect and Engineer

  •  Standard Bank
  •  Aug 2017 - Dec 2017

Worked in a solution delivery team of forty consultants inclusive of project managers, business analysts, systems analysts, QA engineers, data engineers, system architects and lead developers; Upgrading the older Standard Bank ATMs to new ATM machines in South Africa.
Was contracted to write new ATM software for the terminals using Angular and C# .Net Core.
Used a unique workflow accelerator and framework integrated with .Net Core and C# for building high performance middleware.
Ensured all software components were free from defects using emulators and actual ATMs in secured LAB environments.
Performed unit testing, quality assurance, and end to end testing on ATM Software / Terminals.
Participated in daily stand up meetings and followed the agile methodology.
Completed mandatory coursework for the role.
Provided support during the system rollout phase.