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From Student to Freelancer

When the pandemic hit, and governments implemented lockdowns,  the world stood at a standstill as local businesses were shut down and many jobs were lost. As a result, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted how we view and experience work.

The corporate world suddenly went from daily commutes and eight hours of work to zoom meetings in pajamas and flexible work hours. The whole world went online, proving that productivity was, in fact, possible outside of the norm.

Although the pandemic proved to be challenging for the workforce, many people found alternative ways of making money. In fact, many students, such as Edward Mudekunye, used the pandemic to their advantage, using their newly discovered downtime to explore freelancing as an alternative form of income with schools being closed.

Before the global pandemic, Edward Mudekunye, a full-time student in South Africa, studying to become a commercial pilot. In addition to his aviation studies, Edward piqued his interest in social media by completing some digital marketing courses.  Those classes turned out to be very beneficial later as he found himself contracting freelance social media marketing gigs via AfriBlocks. And since the job market had undergone some considerable transformation and was not offering any assurance at the time, freelancing was the perfect opportunity.

Edward says that he has been able to balance his gig work and school work by devoting no more than two-thirds of his time towards freelance projects.  Part of the joys of freelancing is the ability to pick and choose how much time you dedicate to it, in turn, determining how much money you will make. That balance has greatly benefitted him.

According to Edward, one of the benefits of working through AfriBlocks is that it’s a platform that treats African freelancers as a priority. Since the Afriblocks database consists solely of freelancers from the African continent, it is easier to eliminate bias from the hiring process.

He stated, “…it (freelancing with AfriBlocks) provides a comfortable, conducive work environment for both client and freelancer; elevating the working relationship and offering both parties a sound support system throughout the life of the project.”

Like Edward, there are many Africans with diverse skills and talents who have no idea that a world of opportunities awaits via AfriBlocks.


We are sad to let you know that Edward Mudekunye, lost his life on the morning of Sunday 28 March 2021 due to a car crash. We have lost an amazing, talented professional, who made the work we are doing to connect African talent with opportunities across the world, worth it each and every day. 

Rest In Peace Young King.



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