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Cloud Computing and infrastructure specialist
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Greetings!! Are you looking for cloud computing support services? I’m here to offer you a good and trused service since I work in the support…

Full-stack Developer. Developing tools and applications to make society and the world more joyful. Currently in love with JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React & remote work

Hi, friend! I’m Ricky, a full-stack development student currently enrolled in a remote software development school that uses pair programming and real-world projects to teach…

Professional Graphics Designer

Are you having difficulties translating your design ideas? Don’t worry that’s why I’m here I’ll take care of your visual design needs My name is…

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I am a Young Graphic Designer with excellent creative ideas and more. I have helped most brands get into the spotlight thus helping them reach…

Keeping simple but creative
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Hi! My name is Hilary Mlotshwa, a freelance graphic designer based in Gweru (Zimbabwe). I specialise in digital and print design, editorial design, logo and…

GOd is all I need to win

I’m GOD’s project, work in progress, soldier for Christ, I’m jovial and I’m a graphic designer…you don’t judge a book but it’s cover There’s more…

Contact Centre Agent
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I have over 8 years experience in the contact Centre service. I have thorough know how in data entry, sales, inbound calls and telemarketing.