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A Creative Design With Influential IQ

Am Saheed the creative director @Influential IQ, I deal with the re-branding of new, old, small and even big businesses by providing them with high…

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I’m into anything that has got to do with ICT solutions. Currently been majoring in Linux server administration, troubleshooting, and installations. I am also a…

Web Developer
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I’m a Web Developer with great passion for Solving Problems and creating new and easy ways to things. I love innovations and helping the human…

Web Developer
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I am a Front-end Web Developer proficient in Javascript, CSS and HTML. Student: The University of the People Bachelors in Computer Science Degree

Software Developer | Data Engineer

Fortune is a software and data engineer with over 5 years working in the IT industry. He posses strong analytical skills and a knack for…

Dike Ifex
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I am Dike, Ifeanyi Francis. I am from Abia State,Nigeria. I am presently running an online BBA program with Nexford University, Washington.

Pouring life into your ideas

Highly creative graphic designer with the ability to create visual concepts, communicate ideas to the right audiences & captivate your clients through various forms of…

Forsake not the gathering of the Saints
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I am an illustrator based in Durban, South Africa. I specialise in creating eye-catching illustrations and graphics for whatever the client needs, whether it is…

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Hi ! I’m an Economist by profession, a Blockchain Developer by skill and passion and a writer by nature. I believe in possibilities, i am…