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Help you by use of Video and graphics to tell a story that sells.

Hey. name’s Albert or Mr. Ooki I delight in Graphic design, video editing and storytelling. My desire is to work with you so that you…

Urban Culture and Lifestyle Consultant
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Data professional
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I am a data professional with over 3 years of experience delivering projects in consulting, banking, payments and insurance. I believe data and analytics are…

Helping people find their happy
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NBE FITNESS is an online and in-person platform providing wellbeing services for those living with chronic illness, disability, caring or enthusiastic about being in an…

Freelance Writer & Editor of Medical/Health Related Topics

If you are looking for someone who can do proper research work and can write quality articles, blog posts, reports, or essays under short deadlines,…

Flutter, Android and iOS Mobile Developer with Web Experience

I am a Flutter developer with more than 3 years of experience and over 7 years of experience as a Web/Android developer, with experience building…

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I’m experienced in programming ( around 8 years ). I like to find problems anywhere but above all to bring them solutions. That’s why I…

Penetration Tester
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My name is Estain Makaudze and I am 21 years old technology enthusiast, hacker, Pen Tester born in Zimbabwe. Besides Cyber Staff l am pursing…