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A passion for learning and adding value

The world of Information Technology requires speed, adaptability and precision. I believe that through my years both in academia and my experiences in life I…

Disruptive Innovator
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Agile IT Systems professional with seven years working experience with reputable FinTech institutions. Proven candidate who has managed digital payment products in emerging payment technologies,…

Data Driven Decision Thought process

Hardworking Digital Services Specialist proficient in coordinating with cross-product teams to offer value-added services to clients. Committed to generating ideas to improve workflow efficiency while…

Software Developer
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Hi everyone, my name is Michael. I’m a developer with 7 years of experience in different technologies. I usually make Websites, Mobile Applications, Web Applications,…

We're art.
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Professional Content Writer
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I am an experienced freelance writer with more than 10 years creating different types of keyword-rich content for clients in various industries. I have written blogs,…