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Software Developer | Data Engineer

Fortune is a software and data engineer with over 5 years working in the IT industry. He posses strong analytical skills and a knack for…

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Hi ! I’m an Economist by profession, a Blockchain Developer by skill and passion and a writer by nature. I believe in possibilities, i am…

Strong Businesses are made in Africa

I’m a guy who is fascinated by technology. My main goal is to come up with tech solutions to the problems we have. I’m always…

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Hello, I’m Niffy Jade. I specialize in Web design, Web development, and Digital Marketing. I build modern websites with elegant designs that are simple to…

Web Content creator, Engineer , book lover

I am an Engineer who is very enthusiastic about the future of technology and the opportunities it brings to improve  Africa. I also love teaching…

Website Developer
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Enthusiastic Junior Software Developer, using exceptional communication and relationship-building abilities to grow business or. Using extensive industry experience to offer expert knowledge on projects.

Hello Friend
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I build highly-scalable applications based on microservices architecture for web and mobile.