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Top Four Must-Have Tools to Make You a Better Freelancer

The gig economy continues to fuel the growth of and many professionals are transitioning towards using their skillsets as freelancers. Our community is always open to new freelancers with any level of experience. One of the questions we get regularly is what freelancers need to have to ensure that their workflow is smooth. ...

5 Transferable Skills for Freelancers and How to Improve Them

Transferable skills are some of the most important skills that any professional has to have. As a freelancer that is likely to move from one project to the next, these skills are even more important as they may be the difference between you and the next professional. While there are many transferable skills that one can hav...

Top 5 Remote Work Etiquette Tips to Help You Be a Better Workmate

The gig economy has created work environments that are different from the ones we were used to. The changes that have happened in the way people approach work have resulted in the growth of freelance and remote work. When we are in office spaces that we share with our colleagues, there are certain codes of conduct that we f...